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Yamaha Adventures


ATV and Riding Adventures by Yamaha has the perfect Ontario adventure for any season for you, your entire family or even your corporate retreat at Horseshoe Resort. With endless kilometers of natural trails through rugged Horseshoe Valley forest, riders will encounter a wide range of terrain on these guided tours. Come and experience hills and valleys, snow peaks and grassy meadows, mud and gravel pits and much more! 
*Minimum Age Requirement: six years old and they must be very good at riding a bicycle.

Hours of Operation

OPENING LATE APRIL – 9:00am – 4:30pm Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday

ATV Tours

  • 2 Hour:  $169.00

Dual-Sport Motorcycle Rider Training

  • Full-Day:  $559.00 (On our bike)
  • Full-Day:  $459.00 (Half on our bike, Half on your bike)

Motorcycle Training and Rides

  • 2 Hour: $169.00
  • Half-Day: $219.00 (For children and adults)
  • Full-Day: $389.00 (For children and adults)
  1. Prices vary depending on the size of the motorcycle best suited to the student’s riding experience and/or their choice of Yamaha bike
  2. Includes field, some track and limited trail-ride training
  3. The half-day program usually gets the student through seven of our twelve lessons
  4. Students are taught in various groups according to their age, stature and riding experience
  5. We have curricula for novices, students with some riding experience, riders who have only ridden on the street and advanced lessons for the more experienced riders

Ask about Horseshoe Resort’s special accommodation package when you book a Yamaha Tour.

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For more information please call, email or visit SMART Adventures.

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